Helping Leaders Govern

Change happens – the choice is whether to lead it or be driven by it

Helping Leaders Govern

Every leader can benefit from discreet and confidential advice

Helping Leaders Govern

Leading change requires a vision of a better future

The Global Leadership Foundation exists to make available, discreetly and in confidence, the experience of former leaders to today’s national leaders.

It does so through its network of Members – former Presidents, Prime Ministers, senior government ministers and other distinguished leaders – drawn together by a desire to give something back to the world. 

Working in small teams, in their personal capacity, Members offer private and confidential advice to Heads of Government.

GLF is a not-for-profit foundation, registered in Switzerland and is independent of any government or corporate interest.

Feature Videos

Vaira Vike-Freiberga, the first female president of Latvia, tells her extraordinary life story.

Vaira Vike-Freiberga, the first female president of Latvia, tells her extraordinary life story.

GLF Message from Chairman FW de Klerk

GLF Message from Chairman FW de Klerk

GLF Member Gareth Evans explores Europe at a crossroads at the 2019 Schuman Lecture.

GLF Member Gareth Evans explores Europe at a crossroads at the 2019 Schuman Lecture.

Network News

GLF Members sign letter to UN Secretary General

GLF Members, in coordination with the World Refugee & Migration Council, have signed a letter to the UN Secretary General on the situation in Ethiopia. The letter requests for an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council be convened to consider the...

GLF Members join Barrett, The Honors College

GLF Members Jose Ramos Horta and PJ Patterson both recently delivered Keynote addresses to students as part of Barrett, The Honors College’s Distinguished Global Leaders Series. In previous years, GLF Members have spent several weeks at the College, however due to the...

BBC’s Giles Edwards publishes ‘The Ex Men’ book

GLF is pleased to share the recently published book, 'The Ex Men: How Our Former Presidents and Prime Ministers Are Still Changing the World' by BBC documentary producer, Giles Edwards. The book examines the many ways in which former Presidents and Prime Ministers...

Helen Clark appointed Chair of Global Commission on Drug Policy

Vice Chair Helen Clark was recently appointed Chair of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, an organisation which aims to better drug policy around the world. She succeeds former Swiss Confederation President, Ruth Dreifuss. To find out more about the organisation,...

GLF Members sign Letter on Education Emergency

Twenty five GLF Members and three GLF Patrons signed Gordon Brown's latest Letter to the International Community on the current education emergency facing billions of young people around the world. The letter asks all Governments pledge to protect front line spending...

Helen Clark and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf appointed WHO panel co-Chairs

GLF Members Helen Clark and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf have been appointed co-Chairs of the World Health Organisation's   Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness & Response. They will select the remaining Members of their panel from candidates proposed by Member...

GLF Members Sign a Call to Defend Democracy

Twenty two GLF Members have signed International IDEA's Call to Defend Democracy which has been also signed by over 70 international institutions and a long list of distinguished leaders. The statement claims that the Coronavirus pandemic threatens the future of...

Articles & Speeches By GLF Members

Mohamed ElBaradei
Who is Attacking Whom?


Chester A. Crocker
A New Concert? Diplomacy for a Chaotic World


Jose Ramos-Horta
The US Superpower: Viewed from a Village in the Far East


Kevin Rudd
Short of War: How to Keep US - Chinese Confrontation From Ending in Calamity


Ana Palacio
Leaderless Liberalism


Javier Solana
Build a Coalition of Democracies from the Ground Up



Our Annual Meeting is a pivotal event in our calendar as it brings together the GLF family to create and develop opportunities to achieve what GLF has sought to do since its earliest days.