“There can be few times in history where the need for leadership, wisdom and experience were more sought after.  The members of GLF between them can lay claim to having as much of these qualities as any other group of people.  It is uniquely valuable for present day national leaders to be able to call on this extraordinary resource.  It can cost nothing and it offers enormous benefits”

Victor Blank

Chairman of Strategy and Development Committee

Financing Our Work

The Global Leadership Foundation is a not-for-profit, independent foundation.

Overheads are met through donations from private individuals, corporations and other foundations. GLF’s independence and credibility is preserved by limiting the size of donations from any one source and GLF also exercises careful judgement that it is not in receipt of funds from any source likely to be considered damaging to its reputation for probity.

Running costs are kept low by operating with a minimum of staff, infrastructure and fixed assets, and Project costs such as international travel and in-country accommodation are sought from host governments. Where this proves difficult, funding is sought from an appropriate grant-giving agency.

Donors are invited to join GLF’s International Council, a community of supporters comprising business leaders, philanthropists and foundations. While the Foundation is transparent with its Members and financial backers about the sources of its funds, it will respect donors’ wishes for anonymity if preferred.