“GLF taps into the wealth of experiences, knowledge and objective analytical capacity that resides within those of its members who have lived through tough times and seen them through, who have seen success but also tasted failures, who have experienced global economic and financial threats but who have also faced internal national challenges. Making all this available to today’s leaders – and doing so on a confidential basis – is perhaps the best way to put solidarity at the service of democracy.”

Lawrence Gonzi

GLF Member


The Global Leadership Foundation is a group of former leaders from around the world who work discreetly on governance and conflict issues in troubled countries.

A not-for-profit foundation registered in the Canton of Berne, Switzerland, the Global Leadership Foundation is  not aligned with any government and is independent of any private, corporate or commercial interest.

  • Discretion: GLF does not publicize the countries in which it works unless a leader with whom it is working wishes to make GLF’s involvement public;
  • Trust: GLF works closely with the UN and the World Bank/IMF and with other INGOs working in the field of conflict prevention and development;
  • Integrity: Members are of the highest probity, have no further political ambition and are not seeking personal publicity or financial gain;
  • Neutrality: GLF has no agenda of its own or of any government or organization. Any advice is confidential and impartial, given personally by individual GLF members, drawing on their own personal experience;
  • Independence: GLF does not receive core funding money from governments, or large donations from any single corporate donor.