Annual Meetings

GLF Annual Meetings are a pivotal event in our calendar as it brings together the GLF family to create and develop opportunities to make available, discreetly and in confidence, the experience of former leaders to help today’s leaders manage the challenges they face.

During the three-day programme GLF Members and associates are joined by key business leaders and other supporters to take stock of what the Foundation has done over the past year and to establish direction and priorities for the year ahead. The main objective is to pool the wealth of experience and knowledge of the GLF family to identify challenges facing governments around the world and plan ways in which the Foundation might assist political leaders through private and discreet diplomacy.

As a Swiss-registered Foundation, GLF holds its Annual Meetings in Switzerland every second year, with a range of different venues in the intervening years. 

The 2023 Annual Meeting was held 9 – 12 November 2023 near Washington DC. The meeting covered important topics such as sustainability,  economic development, and peace & security.

The 2022 Annual Meeting was held 19 – 22 October 2022 near Zurich and was the first Annual Meeting held since before the Covid-19 pandemic.