“GLF provides quiet, experienced and confidential advice and counsel to leaders around the world with a recognised need for such help. Disinterested support is a rare and precious commodity and GLF is unique in making it available”.
- Thomas Pickering

“GLF is a new opportunity for leaders facing challenges in national government to gain confidential assistance in finding workable democratic solutions."
Lynda Chalker

“GLF has established itself as a unique resource for leaders that are facing serious challenges and have the sagacity to recognise their need for external input from senior, experienced people”.
- Chester Crocker


The GLF Organization

The Global Leadership Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation registered in the Canton of Berne, Switzerland. It is independent of any private, corporate or commercial interest.

The Foundation is constituted by the General Assembly of Members (GLF Members), who are served by a Board of Directors and a small Secretariat which is responsible for the coordination of the activities of the organization.  The Secretriat is based in London and is the hub of the GLF network, linking GLF Members with other parts of the network, including the Foundation's business, governmental and non-governmental partners.


GLF Board

GLF Board Members serve as advocates for the objectives of the Global Leadership Foundation and are responsible for all decisions relating to the Foundation's structure, governance, strategic aims and financial management, including the Secretariat work plan and budget.

The Chairman, Vice Chairman and Board Members are elected by an absolute majority vote of GLF Members. Board members are eligible for re-election.

Meetings of the Board are held twice a year.

The Board may delegate relevant powers of authority to the Secretariat or to any appropriate committee for management purposes.


FW de Klerk

FW de Klerk - Chairman

President, Republic of
South Africa 1989-94

Joe Clark

Joe Clark - Vice Chairman

Prime Minister, Canada 1979-80
Secretary of State for External Affairs 1984-1991

Micheline Calmy-Rey

Micheline Calmy-Rey

President of the Swiss Confederation 2007 and 2011

Lynda Chalker

Lynda Chalker

Minister of Overseas Development, UK 1989-97

Chester A. Crocker

Chester Crocker

US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs 1981-89

Louise Fréchette

Louise Fréchette

UN Deputy Secretary-General, 1998 – 2006

Thomas Pickering

Thomas Pickering

US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs 1997-2000

Sir John Shepherd

John Shepherd

Former Secretary General of Global Leadership Foundation

Eduardo Stein

Eduardo Stein

Vice President, Guatemala, 2004-08
Foreign Minister 1996-2000

Cassam Uteem

Cassam Uteem

President, Mauritius 1992-2002

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