Never been so close to nuclear confrontation, yes to dialogue with Kim
Interview with Mohammed ElBaradei by Francesca Caferri
Published: La Repubblica, 30 October 2017


FW de Klerk: The Man Who Ended Apartheid, Freed Mandela and Honored His Country

Why One President Gave Up His Country's Nukes
Interview with FW de Klerk by Uri Friedman
Published: The Atlantic, 09 September 2017


Kevin Rudd on How Europe can Engage Asia and China

Kevin Rudd on How Europe can Engage Asia and China
Asia Society
October 11, 2016


Thomas Pickering: “Diplomacy in an election year: What's at stake?”

Thomas Pickering: “Diplomacy in an election year: What's at stake?”
Speaking at the Traverse City - International Affairs Forum at Northwestern Michigan College

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Ghassan Salame interview on the “Arab Spring” uprisings
France 24

Former United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Louise Frechette discusses current UN missions and UN bureaucracy.

Interview with Enrique Iglesias – United Nations Alliance of Civilisations
The United Nations Alliance of Civilization (UNAOC)

Lakhdar Brahimi on mediation, regional actors, and the Middle East

Vicente Fox Sits Down With High Times Magazine To Blast Drug War
High Times Magazine

Professor Gareth Evans: “Ending Mass Atrocity Crimes: A Hopeless Dream?”
Cambridge University

Interview with Thomas Pickering: “This is America and the World”
February 2013

Thomas Pickering on American-Iranian relations
CIGI Signature lecture series


Thomas Pickering on the dangers of taking military action against Iran
Think Progress

FW de Klerk on Nuclear Weapons
The Legatum Institute

FW de Klerk on five lessons for nations in transition
The Legatum Institute

FW de Klerk on whether sanctions work
The Legatum Institute

FW de Klerk advice for President Assad
The Legatum Institute


FW de Klerk on what motivates a leader to take action that isn't necessarily in their own political, personal or class interest

FWde Klerk on what new Arab democracies can learn from the South African experience
Al Jazeera

Vaira Vike-Freiberga on the long-term future of the EU”
Schuman Lecture

Gareth Evans on the Right to Protect after Libya
Chatham House

Lakhdar Brahimi on the importance of education to the peace process
Eminent Voice


Lakhdar Brahimi on how to make peace in countries in conflict
Skoll World Forum 2010


Lalkhdar Brahimi on the obstacles and challenges confronting peace negotiators and the future of multilateral democracy
Conversations host

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