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GLF Joins Transition of Power Initiative

Apr 29, 2020

GLF is proud to be partnering with the ‘Transitions of Power‘ initiative which aims to support smooth transitions of leadership following democratic elections. Free and fair elections are crucial in democratic societies but well-organised transitions from one elected government to another help to establish smooth continuity of governance and minimal disruption.

The initiative aims to provide a resource database for the many elements of an executive transition and advocates that effective working relationships and the availability of quality information can help seamless changes of government and prevent costly mistakes.

“Transitions to Power” was initiated by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in USA. Other partners include: Center for Presidential TransitionConstitutional Term Limits InitiativeGeorge W Bush InstituteGhana Centre for Democratic DevelopmentNational Endowment for DemocracySave Democracy Africa and The White House Transitions Project.