The views expressed in these speeches are those of the individual and not of the Foundation itself.

Recent Speeches by GLF Members


Remarks at the African Union Celebration of H.E Salim Ahmed Salim
by SALIM AHMED SALIM, Addis Ababa, 02 December 2014


Defining the Leadership Paradigm for a New Africa
23 May 2014, Tshwana

After Syria - The Future of the Responsibility to Protect
12 March 2014, Princeton

Europe in the World – a Perspective from Africa and South Africa
by FW DE KLERK, 25 October 2013, The Hague


Democracy in Troubled Times
by FW DE KLERK, 10 September 2013, Accra



Identity Pluralism
by CASSAM UTEEM, 08 May 2013, New Delhi


State and Terrorism
by CHANDRIKA KUMARATUNGA, 02 December 2012, London


Abdul Karim al Eryani on why he joined the Global Leadership Foundation and what role the Foundation can usefully play in the world today.
with ABDUL KARIM AL ERYANI, April 2013, 


Risks in the global economy
by KASPAR VILLIGER, 16 October 2012, Doha